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It depends on the type of kiss. Romantic kisses, long kisses, passionate kisses, open mouth kisses are not good among siblings. However, a quick smooch or peck on the cheek like any family member gives to another is fine. You are just showing affection toward a family member in that case, which is normal.

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yes, but it would be seriously wrong and gross. also she might hate you. no offence. just saying.

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umm...well if it like a hello or goodbye kiss its okay or if you two like actually do kiss i find its not right, have you kissed her on her lips??

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Q: Can you kiss your twin sister on the lips?
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AnswerYes it is just as long as you too aren't really getting into a real relationship. Later,~Daultons Chick~ =)AnswerI think that's nothing wrong with it, but others will think that you have some relationships with her that's not suitable. So if you like to kiss your sister on the lips don't do it in public or in front of your parents. I think it's really cute and adorable to kiss with your own sister on the lips, it gives you and your sister such a waR ANSWERNO.ITS NOT ADVISABLE,CAN U KISS U ,UR SISTER IS THE SAME WAY, NEVER EVER KISS UR SIS ON LIPS

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In some families, the expression of love is kissing each other on the lips, not on the cheek.

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Shall you kiss your sister kiss if she too wanting to kiss you?

It depends on what kind of kiss.If it is like a boyfriend, girlfriend kiss then NO!!!!! if it is like you guys will not see each other for a long time then sure, but not on the lips.

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No, some families tend to kiss on the lips when greeting family members of the opposite sex, while other families only kiss on the cheek. Neither is a sign of being of a sexual nature.

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