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In certain situations, the use of lethal force may be authorised. If there is an imminent threat of death, rape, or maiming injury, and you are unable to retreat from the situation, it's typically permitted.

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Q: Can you kill someone with a gun if you are attacked?
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How hard is it to kill someone?

It is really easy to kill someone just shoot them in the head with a gun and then rape them.

Can a gun kill someone if it is thrown?

Not likely, but it could. You could kill someone by throwing a rock at them. Worked for Goliath.

Can you shoot to kill someone on your property that is carrying a gun or bow?


What is facilitated murder?

Facilitated murder is knowingly assisting someone in committing a murder. A solid example is a friend asking you for a gun and telling you that it will be used to kill someone. If you give him the gun and he does kill someone you have successfully facilitated a murder.

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Can shooting a cigarette bud out of a gun kill someone?

Anything is possible.

How can an unloaded gun kill you?

Someone could hit you in the head with it i guess.

What is the penal code section for shooting someone with a paintball gun?

if its outside of a game it can be taken as assault, same as if you attacked someone with a baseball bat

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This is a term used when someone commits suicide by putting a gun barrel into their mouth to kill themselves.

Can a non loaded gun kill?

It could be used as a blunt object, or it might fall or be dropped from enough of a height it could kill someone by hitting them, but an unloaded gun won't kill someone by shooting them. All the same, you ALWAYS treat a gun as if it's loaded and keep it pointed in a safe direction.

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