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Yes. The second amendment says you can do that. The state is allowed to impose reasonable restrictions on things like the length of the barrel and to restrict the possession of firearms by people who have been previously convicted of certain crimes, but assuming you mean a normal, unmodified shotgun and aren't a felon, then yes.

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Q: Can you just buy a shotgun in PA?
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How registered shot gun in pa?

There is no requirement or provision to register a shotgun in PA

Im 18 what kind if gun can you buy?

a shotgun or rifle. just not a handgun

Do you have to register a shotgun in Pennsylvania?

No, but hand guns and assault rifles you do

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What rifles and shotguns are legal for home security in pa?

Any rifle or shotgun you can buy from a dealer in PA. They must be at least 26 inches long, and rifles must have at least a 16 inch barrel- shotguns an 18 inch barrel.

Can your dad buy a shotgun for you if you are under 18?

He can buy a shotgun, but, it is legally his until you turn 18

How old you have to be to buy a shotgun?

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Can you buy a gun in Pa if your not a resident of the state?

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