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no because the egg should have been fertilized , a period is when the egg hasn't been fertilized and needs to leave the body

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Q: Can you have one last cycle after conception?
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What are the first and last parts of the human life cycle?

Conception and death.

What can one do with a conception calendar?

A conception calendar is used to estimate when a baby was conceived. It usually uses the date of a woman's last menstrual period to estimate conception and due date.

What is period of conception?

The time in your cycle when ovulation occurs and therefore conception if there are sperm to meet the fertile ova.

What is the menstrual cycle for pigs?

18 to 21 days and conception occurs on 3rd day of cycle

What days will conception likely occur in the mestrual cycle?

When your ovulating.

Last period 22 August conception when?

The approximate date of conception was September 5th

Is the 4th book in the Inheritance Cycle the last one?

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If you know the date of conception FOR SURE how can you figure out your due date from that All the calculators put my conception date based on my cycle wrong therefore the due date is wrong?

I don't know, because I can't find one either. I do know that calculating from the fist day of your last period is NOT accurate especially if you practice fertility awareness. The first day of my last period was over 50 days ago and I just ovulated.

Can implantation bleeding start around the time of your period?

Yes implantation can happen 6-10 days after conception....conception occurs (typically with a 28 day cycle) 14 days after the first day of your last period and 14 days before your next start date.

Your period started the 25 of february 2008 and you got pregnant in march when would you conceived?

Usually the date of conception is about 2 weeks after your last period, or in the middle of your cycle. This is when your body ovulates.

When will the last book by christopher paolini be published?

No one knows.... sorry. But it will be the last book in the cycle.

My last period was 9-26-09 whats my conception date?

The approximate date of conception was October 10th