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Not necessarily, most likely this "second period" is spotting or breakthrough bleeding. Spotting/ Breakthrough bleeding is bleeding before or in between menstrual cycles.

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Q: Can you have more than one period a month on the pill?
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If you get your period this month and it lasted more than it usually last but the a week later you get it again but I am not bleeding that much what can this mean i don't take the pill?

Your period is irregular. So what.

I am on the pill and last month my period was two days late and lighter than usual i continued with my new pill pack but I'm now having pregnancy symptoms a month later could i be pregnant?


Your period is just ending and you took the first pill of your new pack can you get pregnant having sex during your period and on your first pill of the new pack?

If you have been taking your pills for at least two months, and according to schedule, there should be no more risk than at any other time of the month.

Will taking more than 1 birth control pill a day post pone your period?


Can you take one birth control pill to stimulate your period?

The birth control pill will not stimulate or jump start your period. Talk to your health care provider if your period is more than three months late.

How many times can you take the morning after pill?

While there is no limit it is not recommended that you take it more than twice a month.

How many times will come menses for a woman in one month?

Most women will have one period of menstruation per month. Disease can cause more or less as can hormonal imbalance. A woman who has more than one due to hormones can often take the birth control pill to make her have only one.

What will happen if you take more than one active pill while on your period?

You'll lower the risk of pregnancy.

If your period is late and you start taking the pill again will you still get that period?

Most forms of birth control make your body think you are already pregnant and that it shouldn't expel the engorged tissue of uterine lining (which is what happens when you have your period). If your period was late but you restarted the pill, you will NOT still get that period. However, you may experience light spotting during the month and a heavier period next month. The blood may also be a darker color, which is the color of older blood. If missing your period is abnormal for you, or has happened more than once, go see a health care provider (physician, nurse practitioner, etc.) because it may mean that something more serious is occurring.

Is it normal to get your period twice within the month?

yes but only if you just started like a year ago if you have had your period for more than a year than no it is not normal

What happens if you start taking the pill before your period starts if you only want to skip your period?

You won't have a period as long as you're taking the pill, but as soon as you come off it you'll have a period. You shouldn't take the pill for more than 21 consecutive days before giving yourself a 7 day break from it due to build-up of hormones.

If you missed the last birth control pill before the placebo pills last month and this month started a new type of birth control pill are you more susceptible to get pregnant this month?

If you went more than seven days without an active pill, you're at increased risk of pregnancy until you've taken seven pills in a row correctly. The change in prescription doesn't increase the risk, but skipping the last pill can increase the risk if you followed that with seven days of sugar pills or no pill.