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yes, constipation can happen anytime anywhere :(

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Q: Can you have constipation and be pregnant?
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If im not constipated could i still be pregnant?

Constipation is just a symptom of pregnancy...not a sign of pregnancy. Many women experience bouts of constipation during pregnancy, but if you do not have constipation then count it as a blessing. If you take a home pregnancy test and your doctor confirms your pregnancy then you are pregnant with or without constipation. Good luck! mom to three children and pregnant with her fourth!

If have lower back pain and constipation can you be pregnant?

Yes you can. Especially constipation. That happend to me with my last two pregnancys and was always a sign for me...

Will constipation cause a pregnant woman's unborn child not move?

No it would not.

Are you pregnant if you have hard poos and are hard to push out?

Constipation usually have other reasons then pregnancy but the only way to be sure if you are pregnant or not is to take a test.

Is there a connection between hydronephrosis and constipation?

I really don't know... I'm pregnant with hydronephrosis, thought I was improving... But i have some constipation and I'm wondering if that's what is causing my kidney pain to return.

You have headachs you cant poop are you pregnant?

You might be pregnant. You might not. The only thing certain is that you have a headache and constipation. My first guess would be dehydration before pregnancy.

Is evict a right medicine for constipation during pregnancy?

Before taking any medicine for constipation during pregnancy, ask your doctor. Many doctors will advise you not to take any medications while pregnant and can provide natural alternatives for treating constipation that will not harm the baby.

If you had a light period headaches nasea bloating and constipation are you pregnant?

you could be but it could also mean hormonal imbalance

What to eat when constipated and pregnant?

As far as treating the constipation it's no different than if your not pregnant, eat lots of fiber drink lots of water avoid folic acid etc.

Can constipation cause contractions?

Yes, it is possible for constipation to cause contractions. Many pregnant women experience more Braxton Hicks contractions, which are uncomfortable but safe, when they are either constipated or suffering from large amounts of gas.

Do pregnant women have diarrhea?

Of course it's possible for a pregnant woman to have diarrhea; however, it is more common for a pregnant woman to suffer from constipation, as the child and uterus grow and put pressure on her intestines and slows her digestive system.

Anything I eat or drink water makes me feel pregnant and my stomach gets bigger and look pregnant?

Answer: Its proberly just constipation, take a break from the eating until you empty yourself on the toilet.You can not be pregnant if you have had your period, that it what the period means. That you have a swollen stomach have nothing to do with being pregnant since it takes months for a pregnant woman to look pregnant.