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Yes! Especially if the other person is the one wanting a separation.

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Q: Can you have an affair while legal separated?
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Can you get married while you're separated?

No. You cannot get married until you get a legal divorce from your present spouse. Separation doesn't end a legal marriage.

If you are separated but not divorced is having a relationship with someone 'an affair'?

Technically, yes. But it all depends on who your separated from. Even if you consider it alright, if this person's jealous or possessive or anything to that effect, then they might think of it as an affair.

Who did Aphrodite have an affair with?

while she was married to Hephaestus she had an affair with Ares.

If you been separated from your spouse but did it because of abuse do you need legal documentation for that?

If you been separated from your spouse but did it because of abuse do you need legal documentation for that?

Is Extra Marital Relationship legally accepted while the husband or wife is separated?

It's no longer a legal issue in any circumstances. Divorces are no fault.

Legal separation can you have a relationship with legal separation?

There is no law that prevents you from having a relationship when you are separated.

Agreement that is partially legal and partially illegal?

An agreement that is partially legal and partially illegal is known as a voidable contract. In such a case, the legal portions of the agreement may be enforced, while the illegal portions are considered void and unenforceable. This type of agreement may still be binding if the legal parts are able to stand alone without the illegal elements.

Is it ok to have an affair with a separated married man?

Afraid not, even if this married man is separated from his wife, his still married and having this huge problem. Do you think it will help if you have an affair with him, knowing the problem he have. A man who is separated means something is going on with his married life, and if you believe to everything he says because his wife kick him out, put your shoes on his wife's place and maybe you will feel how she feels. Don't let him con you, that's the reason why his separated.

If you are separated from your spouse and you date someone else is that considered an affair?

Yes it is, even if there's no sex with that person. By law especially through religion you are still married and that can be called affair or cheating.

How should you handle the affair with your brother-in-law who is married but separated?

I would suggest a little restraint in the first place.

Who did Alan Jackson have an affair with when he and his wife were separated?

The fiddle player in his band. She's no longer in his band :)

How can you become legally separated in Texas?

There is no legal separations in Texas