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noo, well its not common or normal.

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Q: Can you have a period only one day pregnant?
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Ive only had one day of your period could you be pregnant?


You had your period only for one day can you be pregnant?

Yes, the implantation of the embryo baby is often mistaken for your period because you can bleed.

What if you are spotting and then the next day you had your period does that mean im pregnant?

If your spotting one day, then get your period the next day, that would indicate that your are NOT pregnant...

Does it take two weeks before your last period to become pregnant?

yes, only one day every month (two weeks after your period) can you ever get pregnant, the only problem is.. people find it difficult to work out what day it is (reason for accidental pregnancies)

Chances of getting pregnant one day after your period?

It's not "chance" ... the proven medical facts are that you can get pregnant:# before your period # during your period # after your period # PERIOD

Is it likely to get pregnant one day after having your period?

Yes, the only fairly safe are the first days on your period. A orgasm can make you ovulate again.

Can you get pregnant one week after the first day of your period?

Yes you can.

Can a girl get pregnant one day before her period?

A girl can get pregnant any day if she's not using protection.

Can you be pregnant after having your period for one day?

Yes. Anytime you ovulate you can become pregnant. It has nothing to do with how long your period lasts.

If your period is late by one day can you be preagnat?

No, obviously you cannot be pregnant if you get your period.Menstruation only occurs if you don't fall pregnant as a result of ovulation the previous cycle.

Could you be pregnant if your period last one day?

no you do not get a period if you are pregnant but that does not mean it is okay to have unprotected sex on your period sperm can live for 10 days

Could you be pregnant if you Missed birth control now your period only lasted one day?

Possibly, yet the idea that you had your period, no matter how long is encouraging.

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