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No, you cannot have a period the first month of pregnancy or at any other time during pregnancy. Menstruation occurs if the egg has not been fertilised, and you cannot menstruate during pregnancy.

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Q: Can you have a period first month of pregnancy?
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Can you have a period the first month of pregnancy?

No. A mild bleed in the first month of pregnancy is usually due to implantation, and can mimic menstruation.

Can someone get their period the first month of pregnancy?

Yes. But second month you can't get it if you are pregnant. :)

Would you miss a period in first month of pregnancy?

yes you would

Can you have a period in the first month and still be pregnant but the period is two days late?

You can have a period throughout your whole pregnancy. So to answer your question, yes.

When do you count nine months for pregnancy?

The first day of your last period. A nine month pregnancy is nine full months. (almost 10)

If you had unprotected sex a week before your period and had your period could you be pregrant?

Probably not as the uterine wall breaks down if a pregnancy does not occur and the subsequent period. However there are some women who have a light period the first month of pregnancy.

Can you have colostrum with in the first month of your pregnancy?

Yes, especially if it is not your first pregnancy

How long after sex can you get pregnancy symptoms?

The first sign is missing your period. But after you have sex you have a month maybe a month in a half til you start having symptoms.

Is it okay to miss your period within the first month of taking the pill?

This can sometimes happen without it being pregnancy related. However if you've had unprotected sex during the first month of being on the pill then you need to perform a pregnancy test.

What happens if you bleed after one month of pregnancy?

Your getting a period.

What is duration of pregnancy in Islam?

Minimum period is 6 month.

Can you have your period during your 5th month of pregnancy?

no you can't no you can't

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