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Q: Can you have a gun without a license?
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Can you have a registered gun in your car without an license?

Gun laws are dependent on your State. In Texas there is no requirement to register or license guns. A person who carries a gun on their person must have a Concealed Handgun License (CHL), but not the gun itself. It's legal to have a gun in your car without having a CHL.

What happens if you get caught with a taser gun?

"If you get caught with a tazer gun" you might wanna have a gun license... If you are found with a gun of any sort without a gun license you will be taken to prison. ~ Jessie

Can you buy a 50 caliber gun without a license in the US?


If someone had a gun without a license how much time would they have?

We can't even make a good guess without knowing where you are (country/state) In most of the US, there is no requirement to have a license to own a gun. Sorry-

What if gun license was taken away in a state?

Impossible to answer without all the details.

Can a youth carry a firearm as well as the adult without a license while hunting?

It is against the law to hunt without a license, but you can carry a gun without one and target practice without one.

What all do you have to do to get your gun license?

"License" is a legal requirement- and laws vary from state to state, country to country. In some places you must have a license to possess a gun, some places a license to carry a gun, etc. Without knowing WHERE you are (we get questions from dozens of nations) and WHAT kind of license you mean, it is impossible for us to give you a meaningful answer. Sorry.

Can a ex felon get a hunting license in Idaho?

If the felon had his or her gun rights restored (meaning he or she didn't commit a violent crime), a hunting license may be purchased. Without gun rights restoration you can't get a hunting license because the way the law is written, someone without gun rights can't possess any kind of a weapon including a bow.

Can you use a blackpower gun without license?

Without more information, the answer could be yes, no or maybe. How old are you? What are you planning to do with the BP? Where are you?

Can you take someone along with you deer hunting for filming purposes without a license?

Sure. As long as the person doing the shooting of the gun has a license. The person doing the filming doesn't need a license as long as they don't shoot the gun at all.

Can resisting arrest without violence stop you from getting your gun license in fl?

Yes it would.

Can repo carry a gun?

Not without a license to do so. Being a repo man does not grant the authority to do that.