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No, when you are 8 years old you should playing with barbies not dating.

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Q: Can you have a boyfriend and not tell your parents at age 8?
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Can you have your first kiss at 8 years old?

Yes you can but first tell your parents you have a boyfriend/girlfriend

What age should parents tell their children that santa is not real?

I would say about 8-10

How do you get a boyfriend at the age of 8?

funny you don't.....

Is age 8 to young to have a boyfriend?

If your eight and have a boyfriend, your probably a foreign male order slave in america.

How do you get a boyfriend at the age fo 8?

You need to ask him out and he will say yes or no!

What can i draw for parents day drawing for age group 6-8?


How old should girls start dating?

12 or 13 A girl should be allowed to have a boyfriend at the age of 12. Speak with your parents and tell them if you want to begin dating, and why you think you should be able to. If they refuse to let you start, tell them they cant keep you the 8 year old they want you to be forever.

How do you get a boyfriend when your 8?

Well I guess for your age its better to stay away from things like this,But if your totally gaga over him its ok.Well first if he likes you he will in some way tell you.Rember it takes two in a relationship!You don't need a boyfriend at that age. BecauseA) You're too young. The dating age is around 16.B) You don't nned one because you got 8 years, possibly longer to find one.

How do you you get a boyfriend at age 8?

Well I have one at this age and all you do is ask a friend to ask him if he like likes you then I new what to do!!

Can a 8 year old girl get a 10 year old boyfriend?

If you are at the age of 8 or the age of 10 you should go and play on a playground instead of dating.

Is it okay to have a boyfriend at the age of 8?

a school boyfriend is ok,but only ok.if you really like him,go ahead,but please,no matter what you do,NO DATING!!!!!!

I'm 8 and my brother is fourteen he is mean what should I do?

Tell your parents.