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Ahhh No. You need to have the piercing for a minimum of a year to be able to walk around with a pierced navel without having jewellery in it.

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2009-07-07 05:23:47
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Q: Can you have a belly button piercing without ever wearing anything in your belly button?
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Can you have a belly button piercing without ever wearing a belly button ring?

You need to have a bar or ring in the piercing else it will heal up because a piercing is just like a wound. if theres a bar or ring there then it will heal but around the ring or bar, so you still have the piercing. You don't need a ring, you can have a belly button bar. x

How old do you have to be to get a belly button piercing without your parents?

In most places, you must be 18 to get a piercing without the consent of your parents.

How can you hide a belly button piercing when you have a pool?

wear a shirt over it. or anything to cover

What can't I do with a belly button piercing?

You can't do most sports with your belly button pierced but essentially it doesn't impede your day or anything.

Can you take out a belly button ring and put it back without re piercing?


What is the legal age in California to get a belly button piercing without parental consent?

its 18 everywhere

How much a belly button piercing cost?

In the UK a bellч button piercing is 25 pound.

What does it mean when you get under your belly button pierced?

It means you wanted it done. You like it. No piercing means anything specific.

How old do you have to be to get belly button piercing in Arizona?

13 with parents permission. (they have to sign for it) 18 without their permission.

When will pain of belly button piercing subside?

The pain of the belly button piercing should subside after a week.

What is the meaning of a belly piercing?

A belly piercing is a piercing on the belly button. Where your belly button might go in or out, it is the slight arch you get just above it. it is a piercing through that area. depending on how your belly button is formed. Search google for images.

What is the legal age in New Zealand to get your belly button pierced without parental consent?

If you are 16+ you can get any piercing without parents permission :)

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