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I'm pretty sure if you inhale enough second hand marijuana smoke, then yes. So be careful.

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โˆ™ 2011-04-22 00:46:05
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Q: Can you get weed in your system from second hand smoking?
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You were around people that smoked weed and you inhaled some of the weed how long if any weed will be in your system?

yes. you can get high second hand, which means its in your system

Can second hand smoking of marijuana cause a misscarriege?

If your in a small room and all the smoke is around you, you will probably have weed in your system for a week if that. If your in a large room you should be fine.

Can second hand weed smoking cause a trouble in school?

yes one of my friends learned that the hard way

What can get weed out of your system?

Not smoking anymore and time are the best things to get weed out of your system.

How long does second hand weed smoke stay in your system?

8 hours

Does weed get in your system from second hand smoke?

Yes and no, please be more specific.

Can you smoke weed and breastfeed?

Good God, no. You shouldn't even be smoking weed around your baby. The second hand smoke will harm the baby and to breast feed the baby while on weed will mean your baby will get the drug too. The drug is in your system, thus, it goes into the baby.

Can test positive for weed on second hand smoke?

Everyone has a small level of THC in their system. However, it is not enough to show up in a drug test. If you claim the weed is from second hand smoke, no one will believe that and you will be considered dirty. Try not to be around a lot of it before your test or at least go outside with (or when) others who are smoking.

Does Second hand weed get into your system?

no contact high doest exist its all in your mind

If you made out with someone smoking weed would it be in your system.?


Natural methods to get weed out of your system?


Does smoking weed make you skip periods?

Smoking weed does not make you skip a period. The THC chemical has no affect on the reproductive system.

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