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2011-09-26 10:28:53
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Q: Can you get smoke inhalation from a burnt pot of pasta smoke?
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What size of pot do you use when your cooking pasta?

depends on how much pasta you want, less pasta smaller pot, more pasta the bigger the pot....easy concept

Can you cook pasta in a crock pot?

Yes you can. Dishes that can be cooked in a croc pot are pasta bake for example.

Does will smoke pot?

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How do you remove the smell of burnt milk?

Well if you burnt milk at your house, not to worry. Burnt milk smell cant damage your body. Lots of people have burnt milk on a pot/pan (i think). All you need to do is clean the pot/pan good. Yeah, it might stink for a couple days, but you still have the ability to open the window for some fresh air yeah even when it's cold out. I'm not concerned if your smoke detector didn't pick up any smoke, but if you are, you probably have to invest in a smoke detector for the specific area of your home.

Does Greg Raposo smoke pot?

No Greg Raposo does not smoke pot

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You say "May I Please smoke pot"

How do you say smoke weed in Mexican?

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How do you clean a burnt steel pot?

I had a burnt stainless steel pot and I used bleach gel. It worked. what is the name of the bleached gel you used

Should you crush the pot seeds before you smoke them?

no you shouldn't smoke pot seeds in the first place. just smoke the bud.

How do you smoke k2?

Same way you smoke pot?

Can you cook different pastas in the same pot?

Pasta is pasta. As far as I know, you should be able to.

What is the recipe for Finest Curry on Harvest Moon DS?

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