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No you don't ovulate while pregnant so there's no egg to fertilize.

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โˆ™ 2009-11-08 23:49:07
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Q: Can you get pregnant while being pregnant in your 9th month of your pregnancy?
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What contraception method is avaiable for one month pregnancy?

You don't need a contaeception method while you are pregnant because you will not be able to get pregnant

Is there any way of stopping pregnancy while being pregnant?

Only if you have an abortion.

Can you get a disease while being pregnant?

Yes of course. Pregnancy does not protect you from any diseases.

Is it normal to have purple niples while being pregnant?

Yes it is normal, especially later in pregnancy.

My boyfriend came inside of me today unprotected and I haven't taken my birth control in almost a month - Could i be pregnant?

Yes there is a high chance that you can be pregnant. When missing pills while on birth control can cause pregnancy, a month without birth controls will not protect you from pregnancy at all. A pregnancy test should be taken.

Can you get you period while your pregnant?

usually no you can't. However I know that when my mom was pregnant with me she did some how get here period the first month of pregnancy, i think that is very unusual though.

Can girls get periods while being pregnant?

NOAnother AnswerThere may, however, be spotting during pregnancy.

How fast can you get pregnant while being on the patch?

The birth control patch is designed to prevent pregnancy. If you want to get pregnant, stop using the patch.

Can you take movicol while being pregnant?

Only if your doctor find it absolutely necessary. Being constipated while pregnant is common so I suggest you read more about it in the link below. There you find cause and remedy. The American Pregnancy Association have everything you need to know about pregnancy.

Can you stop being pregnant with birth control?

No. Birth control is intended to prevent pregnancy only. Birth control does not stop an existing pregnancy. It is not safe to take birth control while you are pregnant.

Is there a such thing as having to much sex while being pregnant?

No, sex is fine during pregnancy. If you have a sensitive pregnancy the doctor would tell you to abstain.

Does the womb hurt while being at the first month of pregnancy?

Cramps are common during pregnancy. It is because of the uterus stretching to make space for the baby

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