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The Birth Control pill works by taking it daily as directed. If you take it this way, it doesn't matter if you have sex before, during, or after swallowing the pill.

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Q: Can you get pregnant if you take the birth control pill in the middle of intercourse?
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Can someone take an extra birth control pill after intercourse still get pregnant?

yes ou can still get pregnant, birth control is not 100%, no matter how many you take.

Could I be pregnant if I missed a birth control pill the day before intercourse the condom broke during intercourse but I took 4 birth control pills right after intercourse?

yes..theres a strong possibility u have to take it before intercourse

If on birth control for a week can you get pregnAnt?

yes you can get pregnant you doctor should of told you but the first 4 weeks of being on birth control u should use a condom for intercourse

Could you get pregnant after having intercourse 5 days after starting birth control?

With or without protection you can still become pregnant.

Can starting birth control the day after unprotected intercourse stop you from getting pregnant?

No. It does not act as the "Morning-After pill" When starting birth control you should wait at least a month before having unprotected intercourse.

Can you get you get pregnant on birth control?

No form mechanical or chemical contraception for normal intercourse is 100% foolproof.

Is taking birth control irregular get you pregnant?

Every sexual intercourse does not commit a pregnancy. If you fail to take birth control pill regularly isn't mean that you will definitely get pregnant. There may be a chance of pregnancy if you constantly fail to take birth control pill.

Can you get pregnant if you are not on birth control and he pulls out and i am not on my ovulation day?

There is ALWAYS a chance that you can become pregnant after engaging in intercourse ... NO matter what preventive measures you take ...

Will you get pregnant if you forget to take your birth control one night?

If you miss one dose of your birth control you become more fertile.So the answer to your question is yes if you miss a pill and have intercourse you are more likely to become pregnant.

How can you have intercourse without becoming pregnant?

condom and birth control.......... but just to be safe pull out b4....... well you know

Is it safe to have intercourse without protection after getting the birth control shot and not get pregnant?

No birth control is 100% effective, and there is always the risk of sexually transmitted disease. With that in mind, you have to decide what is 'safe' for you.

What does sex have to do with pregncy?

Sexual intercourse can make the woman pregnant if the couple doesn't use contraception, such as condoms or birth control pills.