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can i get pregnant if i am taking hrt tablets

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Q: Can you get pregnant even though you are taking hrt tablets?
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Can someone be pregnant without symptoms?

Yes you can be pregnant even though there are no syptoms.

Can you get pregnant when you on the pill but missed taking it 2 days after sex?

Even if your on birth control you can get pregnant, -Kenzii

Can you get a girl pregnant even though she is on birth control?

Yes, you can.

You are on the pill your last period was short light flow and now your breasts are sore Could you be pregnant?

Yes, certain medications will interact with birth control rendering it ineffective. If you have started taking any antibiotics or other medications, you may be pregnant even though you were taking your birth control regularly.

Could you overdose from taking 12 bayer back and body?

Taking 12 aspirin tablets can cause serious damage to the stomach and could even be fatal.

Will you pass a physical even though taking prescription meds?


Can you still get pregnant even though you have had a period after unprotected sex?

You should not get pregnant under the given circumstances.

Do you ovulate even though your already pregnant and what happens to that egg?

No you don't ovulate when you are pregnant the ovum are held back until you are no longer pregnant.

When you are down to the green Alesse tablets and you have had your period for 20 days should you start the new pack right after the green even though your period may not come?

Hi, You should continue taking your pills as normal and as they were prescribed to be taken by your doctor.

If a woman is taking the pill can she become pregnant during her period?

There is always a chance of getting pregnant when having sex even on the pill.

How will you know if how many weeks your pregnant?

Doctors consider the week of your last period to be the first week of pregnancy (even though you aren't even pregnant at that point)!

Does the guinea pig have teats even if not pregnant?

Yes, though they may not be as noticeable.