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Yes, you can get pregnant then. It all depends on when you ovulate. If you ovulate around then, then it's possible that you could get pregnant then.

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Q: Can you get preganat when your on your period?
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When can you find out your preganat?

As soon as you can't have your period.

Can a baby be preganat?

yes, kinda no in a way you may have a mini period but you wont ovulate

Was Vanessa Hudgens preganat?

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How do know wetther I am pregnant or not?

You know when you're preganat by realizing your breast hurt often and you began having mood swings while not on your period

Did Chris Brown get rihanna preganat?


Can girls get preganat with pre-came?

yes she can

What do you do when preganat?

go to a doctor and give birth

Does Hannah Montana preganat?

Yeah, She is turning into Britney Spears.

Can you get preganat with your tubs burnt shut?

can you get preganant with your tubs burnt shut

Can you get preganat without a period?

yes u can but only if u have been having sex before u have your period! and then that's when all the men's bacteria catches up and the sperm goes to ur spinel cord and cracks a egg If you mean before you have your period for the first time (like, before/at the beginning of puberty), then no, you can't get pregnant before you have your first period.

Is Ariel really pregnant?

No Ariel is not's just a Disney Fariy tale

How long after your period you can know that you are preganat?

If you menstruate then you're not pregnant - it is possible to bleed while pregnant, but it is biologically impossible to menstruate while pregnant. The very earliest you can tell when you're pregnant or not is 3 weeks after you had sex, via pregnancy test.