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Yes, you can get paid on YouTube, and even enough to live off it. It works by paying you what is called a CPM (Clicks per Mil). That is a dollar amount per 1000 monetized views. Those are the views that show commercials or ads of any kind. There is also an issue with many mobile views that are not able to be tracked.

Out of my average 800k views, I get roughly 300k monetized views. I get paid like this

CPM * (Montitized Views/1000) = Gross

Next YouTube takes their cut of 45% followed by my network's cut of 10%. While my network takes 10%, the increase in my CPM more than makes up for it. For example without it I might get $8 for a CPM without a network (using just adsense) while I make $13-$14 with my network.

On top of what you make from the views alone through advertising money, there is a large secondary income potential if you are able to utilize it. I charge $20-$200 to do promotional services per video depending upon what is needed. That secondary income was the tipping point for me to be able to do YouTube as a full-time job.

While I don't make good money, I make enough to live off Roman noodles, cheap beer, and good food when I sell a promotion. However, I'll eat crap and love it since I play Video Games for a living :P

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Q: Can you get paid for being on YouTube?
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no! if you are a partner then you get paid for making YouTube videos!

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People get paid on youtube all the time. All you have to do is become a youtube partner and you'll get paid monthly for your videos.

Do you get paid for the amount of subscribers on YouTube?

Well, it depends because ( if its astonishing numbers ) YouTube will what to advertise you or who ever and can contact you! But if it's lousy then you'll probably not get paid from YouTube

Do you get paid by YouTube?

yes that is what partners are for

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He makes YouTube videos... you can get paid for that.

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Yes, he does.

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There is better way of watching YouTube videos and also get paid Get paid $700 daily by. watching YouTube videos copy the above link and paste on your browser if it doesn't open

Which Are The Platforms In Which You Offer Paid Ads?

We offer paid advertising campaigns on Google, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn

Is YouTube a good site for videos yes or no?

yes! people who are partners on YouTube get paid and that is all they do for a job! its so amazing!

Do you have to pay for youtube videos?

no! if you are a partner then you get paid for how many views you get on your video!

Is Austin mahone rich?

Very rich he get paid by YouTube ads and YouTube partnership program. But he is not that rich....his YouTube channel is worth about 50-100 thousands dollar

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I don't think you need a specific number of views to get paid. But you will probably need some steady activity on your videos in order to be accepted in the YouTube Partner program.