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Music-wise, jailbreaking does not get you any free music that you wouldnt have had without jailbreaking it. You can find free music anywhere online, with or without a jailbreak. Jailbreaking does not get you free music, but does get you mods, apps, etc.

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Q: Can you get free music when you jailbreak an apple device?
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Can you listen to Apple Music offline?

Officially, you can stream music you add to your iPhone when you have an internet connection. So if you wish to play Apple music offline, you must first download it. How to download Apple Music? You're supposed to touch and hold music you’ve added to your library, then tap Download. If you want to listen to the music offline without the app or just want to keep favorite songs after the subscription expired, you can use TunePat Apple Music Converter. Simple to convert the songs in MP3 format (or other supported formats) and then permanently save on a mobile phone.

How much does apple music subscription cost?

Becoming an Apple Music subscriber, and then you can stream more than 75 million songs in lossless audio quality (enjoy Dolby Atmos). You can access to music videos, original shows, concerts, exclusives and the live or on-demand radio stations hosted by artists. Following are the main subscription plans: Individual Plan: $9.99/month or $99/year Student Plan: $4.99/month Family Plan: $14.99/month (up to 6 users) You can download the tracks for offline listening during the valid period of the Apple Music subscription. If you wish to get the songs forever, you can use Macsome iTunes Music Converter to get wanted songs from Apple music to local disk and enjoy them at any time.

How do you get free songs from i tunes after you jailbreak your i Pod?

Well you can't get songs from iTunes you have to go on a site called zing an Asian site and type in the music you want and download the and open it when the little screen pops up don't close it.

Where to download free hindi songs?

A lot of Hindi music lovers are questioning the best sites to download free Hindi MP3 songs. Actually, Spotify Free is a perfect choice. For one thing, it offers a large music library, with millions of songs of various genres, including Hindi songs. For another, it’s totally free. But to download the Hindi Spotify music to the computer as local audio files, you will need a third-party tool. I've ever used NoteBurner Spotify Music Converter to get my Spotify songs as MP3s. Hope this helps.

How can you put free music on my I-tunes?

you don't just look up in the download apps and look up free music i think . or free music to download

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Is there anyway I can download music using my iPod for it to go straight into my music library without jailbreak?

Go to apple app store and click search "free music box" and dowload the app.

How do you get free songs after you jailbreak your iPod?

download them from loads of sites as usual, you dont need to jailbreak just to get free music

Do you get iTunes apps for free if you jailbreak?

yes but it makes you device lag

What disantvantages does a jailbreak have?

When Jailbreaking a device, if the device breaks, the specified device cannot be taken back to apple unless it is restored. Jailbreaking can also make battery life worse, as more 'daemons' are running, such as themes, and back-grounding applications. However, Jailbreaking allows you to download app store applications for free, theme your device, and do so much more than before! The pros definitely out-way to cons! If your device screen breaks and you have to send it to apple, simply plug it into iTunes and click the restore button, which removes the jailbreak.

What happens when you jailbreak an iPod touch?

You can get free backgrounds, free apps, and free music by downloading apps

What can happen if you jailbreak your ipod?

You can modify your device and get free applications. However it may void your warranty.

How do you get jailbreak an iPod 4 for free?

As long as you haven't updated it to iOS 6, it's compatible for jailbreak. I recommend using Green Pois0n (with a zero as the second O). It is untethered, completely free, and stable. You can find a YouTube video on how to Jailbreak your device.

How do you get free music on ipod without computer or jailbreak?

mmm by listening to the music from youtube... for the rest you need a computer

What app legally let's you get paid apps for free?

in Australia Jailbreaking is NOT illegal so i suggest you jailbreak your IOS device with redsn0w and then go into cydia on your IOS device when jailbreak is done and search Installous then your done

Are there any cheats to get free brains in zombie farm?

If you have a jailbreak device you can install cydia and hack it by Ifile

What are good games on the Kindle Fire I know angry bird and those games bus I want good ones and they also have to be free?

If you want free games you can get Temple Run or Doodle Jump, but if you want to make everything free, then jailbreak. Go to on your apple device, press free and then install.

Is there anywhere you can get the ipod touch update 2.0 for free and would I have to use jailbreak on my ipod to do so?

I think you can only get the 2.0 on the apple store for $10 You can also use limewire or frostwire or utorrent which ever you use to download music and try it from there. i got it for free though that on both my ipod touch and iphone. Would you know any program that could jailbreak my iphone for free.