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If it contains alcohol in sufficient quantity, you can get drunk. You will also probably get sick, and have an awful hangover.

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yes after scientific tests it has showed you absoulutly can so if your not over 21 this is not for you.

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Q: Can you get drunk by drinking cherry liqueur?
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What is cherry liqueur called?

cherry liqueur is a chocolate that contains cherry flavoured alcohol

What is a word in crossword for cherry liqueur?


Liqueur of choice in chapter 5 of the Pickwick Papers by Dickens?

cherry brandy ? cherry brandy ?

How much price for midori liqueur?

the bottle has 20% alachol in. enough to get you drunk :)

What is the definition of liqueur?

a strong, sweet flavored alcholic liquor usually drunk after a meal

Why are cherry and marcia alone in the drive in?

They were drinking and tried to force moves on them.Cherry and Marcia and their boyfriends, Bob and Randy, had an argument due the Bob's and Randy's drinking. Cherry and Marcia sat in the seats, which were available for people who didn't have cars, and this is how they met Pony, Johnny, and Dallas.

What can be used in the place of cherry liqueur?

For alcoholic substitutions, (some may alter the "cherryness"slightly): Cherry Schnapps, creme de cassis, Chambord, black raspberry liqueur, cherry grappa, cherry wine mixed with simple syrup, vodka and cherry syrup For non-alcoholic substitutions, (again, some less cherry-like): cherry syrup, cherry flavoring plus simple syrup, cherry juice and simple syrup, frozen cherry juice concentrate (undiluted), liquid from a jar of Maraschino cherries, hard cherry sugar candies (e.g., lifesavers) dissolved in boiling water and liquid reduced to a syrup

Can you get drunk drinking bloody Mary?

Anything with alcohol can get you drunk smarty.

How can you not get drunk fast?

By not drinking, that is a good and safe way of not getting drunk.

Can you get drunk from drinking water?

of course not

What often misspelled after dinner liqueur was created by a Danish grocer and named after him?

Cherry Heering. The Danish grocer Peter Heering received a recipe for cherry brandy that resulted in him developing the liqueur. At the time it was developed, it was a major export by Denmark and the grocer became wealthy. This drink is often misspelled as "Herring".

Why had cherry and marcia walked to the movies?

Because their boyfriends were drunk