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Yes, you can. Though you do have to download them. They do not come in the game.

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Q: Can you get belly button piercings on the sims 3?
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How many piercings does kinberley Walsh have?

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How old do you have to be to get a belly button piercing in Michigan?

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Can you get a baby on sims 3 without the try for baby button?

You can't there used to be a cheat in sims 2 and it is on sims 3 but there is not the same aspects as sims 2 had sorry.

How do you kill your sims on Sims 3?

on the wii =hold in the back button on the DS =hold in the R and L button together on the x-box {ect} =press the A button

How do you get services on a sims 3 phone?

click the service button

Can you have piercings on the Sims 3?

You can have piercings of the ears but nothing else. Earrings are in accessories on create a sim or plan an outfit. I do believe though that you could download a sim from the exchange with custom content with piercings on the nose and so on. E.

How do you pause the game on Sims 3?

If you have got The Sims 3 on PC, then you press the P button on the keyboard to pause the game. Press the P button again to un-pause the game.

How do you rotate objects in Sims 3?

To turn it left press < button to turn it right press > button

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Where is the gardening tips on sims 3 iPod?

Help. It's in the ... button

How do you get the tool bar back in Sims 3?

Press the F10 button.