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No, not for swearing in and of itself. What you can get banned for would be cyberbullying, threats, promoting violence, obscenity (graphic sexual images), and specific categories of hate speech (race, religion, handicap, gender, and sexual orientation). They do not ban for profanity.

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Q: Can you get banned on Facebook for swearing?
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Does music with swearing have to be banned?

Yes it has to be

What are the consequences of swearing on Club Penguin?

you get banned.

Why was Miley's penguin banned from Club Penguin?

for swearing

Why are you even banned in Club Penguin?

Sometimes you can get banned for not cooperating the rules of club penguin. Swearing will surely get you banned.

Can you get banned from Xbox live?

Yes,you will get banned if you insulting and swearing at all the players on the game party.

Can Facebook be banned?

Actually, the use of Facebook can be banned at home, in school, and in certain countries.

Where and when Facebook will be banned?

It will not.

How do you get banned on CP?

by saying bad words and being unfair and swearing

Why is Facebook banned?

Facebook is banned because it has seriously offended Muslims by making Draw Muhammad Day.

Can you get Arrested on Club Penguin?

no, but you can get banned for swearing, saying where u live, etc.

Is it possible to get banned on AQWorlds?

Yup. Reasons that YOU can get banned permanently: Swearing / Vulgar / Harassing players, Scamming people, Hacking, ect.

How long is a ban for swearing in halo reach?

Halo Reach will only ban from cheating. For swearing etc, it will be Xbox which will ban you. You will get banned for 48 hours.