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No, not a chance. Industrial piercings are not simple and they have to be done by a professional body piercer with a sterile, hollow needle.

If I'm being completely honest, no piercing should be done at Claires or any other place in which they use a gun. Theyre very unsanitary and the mechanism of the piercing can be harmful.

If you want any kind of piercing, even if it's just lobes, I suggest going to a professional piercer.

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Q: Can you get an industrial piercing at Claires?
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Does claires ask for a driver's license when ear piercing?

You have to be 16 at least anywhere in Canada to sign for your own piercing

Where can you buy tongue bars?

claires acceseries, piercing shop, tattoo parlors etc

Why is does everyone say Claires is a bad place to get your ears pierce?

People assume that Claires is a bad place to get your ears pierced because they use piercing guns, which are bad- not true. I got my ears pierced at Claires and have never had a problem with them.

What is a scaffolding piercing?

it's the same as an industrial piercing.

What risks are there of cartilage piercing?

When using a piercing gun (such as those they use at Claires) the collapse of your ear cartilage is a possibility. Also, with any piercing, there is the chance of infection if not cleaned properly as instructed by your piercer.

How much is Claires ear piercing?

It is free when you buy the starter earrings, though I would highly recommend going to Piercing Pagoda, which is also free with earrings.

What kinds of ear piercings does Claires do?

It's mostly ear lobe and if you are trying to pierce somewhere else like your cartilage I would suggest a tattoo and piercing shop because Claires uses piercing guns and those can shatter your cartilage and cause nasty infections because of it

Do Clair's have lip piercings?

That I am aware of, Claire's does not pierce lips. The piercers at claires are only trained specifically in ear piercing, they have not undergone the training of a tattoo/piercing tech.

Do Claires pierce your ears a second time?

I am not sure what you mean. If you mean that once you have one piercing, will they do a second ear piercing for you, then yes they will. they're really good too!

Can you get a Industrial piercing at Walmart?


Where can a minor get an industrial piercing?

Any piercing shop with parents concent.

Where do you get a industrial bar piercing?

Where? Place: any tattoo/ piercing shop.