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Absolutely. If the person who surrendered the phone defaults on the loan payments - the phone becomes the property of the pawn shop... Inn which case - they're entitled to unlock the phone from its network and re-sell it to recover the debt.

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Q: Can you get a unlock smart phone from a pawn shop?
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How much can you get for a galaxy 3 at a pawn or sumthing?

The price one would receive for a Galaxy 3 at a pawn shop will depend on the pawn shop and the condition of the phone. A person may be able to get around $50 for the phone.

Most of the used cell phones I find at the pawn shops are locked. Can you tell me how to find out if I can unlock one if I purchase it?

The are many online sources that tell you how to unlock cell phones. Also asking the pawn shop owner may be a good way to get you cell phone unlocked.

How much will a android touch screen phone cost to pawn at able pawn shop?

Depends if it's broken or not

How do you unlock your phone lock?

you have to take it to your network shop

How can I unlock my phone so I can use my phone for intranet on my laptop?

Take it to a phone shop and ask them to do this for you.

Where do you buy a crank phone?

You could find one at an antique store or a pawn shop.

How do you unlock phone lock samsung GT-E1200Y?

i have forget my samsung phone password for gt-c3330 how to unlock?

Where can you pawn something?

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Can you unlock i phone 4?

yes get it jail broken aswell only £15 at a a local phone shop

How old do you have to be to enter a pawn shop?

you have to be years old to enter a pawn shop no one knows this answer but if you go to a pawn shop and you are at leat 30 you can find this answer

How can you unlock sagem vodafone 527 phone?

When i bought mine it was already unlocked, although it says Vodafone on it. If yours isn't unlocked when you buy it, then it still allows you to unlock from the shop. Just go to your nearest phone shop and ask the person to unlock it, it should be unlocked.