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No. Sometime between 16 and 22 weeks, you'll start to feel your baby move.

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Q: Can you feel the baby kick at 11 weeks?
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Is it possible to hear the baby's heartbeat at 11 weeks with a stethoscope?

it's possible, but most women don't feel movement until around 20 weeks.

Can you feel the first fetal movement for your seconch child at 11 weeks pregnant?

I believe so. I am ten weeks pregnant and just started feeling my baby move!

How should a baby be positioned at 11 weeks?

The baby is far too small and mobile at 11 weeks to be in any particuular position.

Can you feel fetal movements at 5 weeks?

No. At five weeks your baby has just developed a heart beat. 4 months is about the earliest you will probably feel in fetal movement. Here is what your baby looks like at five weeks: *

How many weeks is a pregnant women if the baby was conceived on february 14 and today is may 1 2014?

May 2nd will be 11 weeks

Im 11 weeks 5 days with twins you swear you feel them moving is it possbile?

Yes, (and congratualtions! )

I am 11 weeks and 6 days pregnant on May 4th when is my baby due?

The average baby is born in 280 days or 40 weeks.

When does the baby start kicking?

You may start to feel the baby kick around the 16 week, or it may be later so don't worry if you don't. at first all you will feel is a fluttering in the bottom of your stomach that will soon be more harsh. you may feel the baby move more when lying down and relaxing. Around four or four and a half months. It will feel like a little tapping as though someone is flicking you with their thumb. Then over a couple of weeks it will turn into kicking. Every pregnancy is different, however most will feel 'quickening' somewhere between 18-24 weeks. An old belief about pregnancy: When the mother can feel the child kicking inside is when the child became a 'person'. The first sensations of the baby moving can feel like bubbles moving around inside. I'll never forget the first time I felt my oldest child move. By the end of the pregnancy the baby will slow down in movement...not a lot space left to move freely. Whats really funny is when the baby can actually watch your stomach change shape! I had fetal movement early, I'm 18 weeks pregnant I don't really notice it until I'm still or quiet. Most first-time Mums feel movement at around 20 weeks, maybe a bit earlier if they are very slim. Second time around you may feel movements about 16 weeks, because you know the feeling. Feeling fetal movement can be felt very early, but this mainly occurs in woman that are in their 2nd pregnancy or more. This happens because a woman who is not in her 1st pregnancy will know what it's ment to feel like so will notice it more. I personaly felt my 1st movement at around 10-11 wks, but that were my 3rd pregnancy, so I knew what I were experiencing. Dont compare one pregnancy to another as each one is different, an as you have more children you will know what to expect. No two pregnancies are ever the same though Between 16 to 22 weeks but can be as early as 12 weeks or as late as 26 weeks my dr told me with my first child. In first pregnancy, maybe around 17-18 weeks or later, in later pregnancies around 15 weeks or later. You start feeling the baby move before you feel him or her kick. At around 16-20 weeks, people generally feel their baby move, although it depends on things such as how fat or thin someone is and whether or not it is their first pregnancy.People have described the first movement they felt as popping or fluttering. Some say it is a bit like gas. It's normally around 16-20 weeks for most people. It depends how thin you are and whether it's your first pregnancy as well. You might notice a flutter of movement at four months but it really starts moving a lot at five months. I was 5 weeks pregnant and felt movement had just had a period the week before, and felt like hmm maybe, soo I went in and sure enough I was a little over a month pregnant. I am now feeling the same feeling and could not be more than a month, and this will be my third pregnancy, and I feel as if this little ball in me has something turning cartwheels in it, it is awesome.

Had implanon removed found out I'm 7 weeks feel I maybe more 11 weeks?

See your health care provider; the ultrasound will tell you how far along you are.

If you miscarriage at 11 weeks do they take the baby out?

If the fetus doesn't come out by itself due to cramps, yes. They will scrape the uterus.

When was The Kick created?

The Kick was created on 2011-11-03.

I am 5 weeks pregnant. Is it too early to get a sonogram?

No its not too early, but sometimes you cant really see anything more than the sac that surrounds the fetus. The baby is to small. But it has a heartbeat, although you may not hear it. And it doesnt "look" like a baby yet. But its a baby. Around 9 weeks, the baby will look like a miniature baby, tho. And around 10-11 weeks your doctor can probably find the heartbeat with a doppler.