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Pregnancy flutters are only for women who are pregnant. If you are not pregnant and believe you have it, it is something else with similar symptoms.

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Q: Can you feel pregnancy flutters but not be pregnant?
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Can you feel flutters in your belly if im 10 weeks pregnant?

I am about 7-9 weeks prego and today I felt the flutters in my belly. I would have to say yes that you would be able to feel the flutters.

You are on implanon birth control you havent felt like you and you have spotting for two days and a brownish discharge and felt flutters in your stomach could you be pregnant?

Take a pregnancy test to determine if you're pregnant while on the contraceptve implant. The implant does not affect the results of a pregnancy test. Pregnancy is very rare on the contraceptive implant and spotting and flutters are not signs of pregnancy.

You have been on the depo 4 3years since dec you have had signs of pregnancy but test are negative and your blood test was low but your stomach has takin shape and you feel flutters?

A negative pregnancy test means you're not pregnant. Your symptoms are likely due to gas.

You have low backache feel sick tired flutters in your stomach can you be pregnant?

Yes! Those flutters or cramps and the low back ache could be signs that your uterus is working on expanding in preparation for growing a baby. The nausea could be from low blood sugar or progesterone production. The irony is, a low back ache and nausea can also be symptoms that menstruation is approaching.

How early to do you feel stomach flutters pregnancy?

i have had 4 children and mine started fluttering around 10 to 12 weeks.

What are stomach flutters?

Anxiety, gas, pregnancy... if you have questions, ask your doctor.

I am feeling little flutters in my belly but I'm only 8weeks what is it?

If you are sure you are only 8 weeks then fluttering is most likely gas. Women who have previously been pregnant often feel fetal movement much earlier than in a first pregnancy.

When you feel flutters does it mean your pregnant?

If you are feeling flutters in your tummy you are feeling either two things. 1: You are pregnant and you are feeling the little one or ones kicking and moving around, or 2: You have to take a dump. either way you should spend a few dollars and get a test. I hope this helps.

Why your belly flutters at 6 weeks?

cause your pregnant

Can an IUD make you feel pregnant?

The symptoms of pregnancy - fatigue, nausea, frequent urination - are nonspecific, and women (and men) may feel them quite often without being pregnant. If you think you're pregnant, take a pregnancy test.

Do you feel dry for all the pregnancy?

Not yet pregnant

You kind of feel sick but your stomach feels weird like it has flutters?

i kind of feel sick. but my stomach feels weird like it has flutters