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I have taken a test it came up neg. but i feel in my heart that im pregnant im on my period now but i still have all the sypmtoms and top of all this i stop eating chocolate because it makes me nausa. i dont know what to do

I am 8 weeks pregnant right now, and didn't even take a test until 6 weeks, because I already knew at 3 weeks. Everyone told me I was crazy. I never even took a homt test. Just went to my doctor, told him I was sure I was pregnant, he did a blood test and I was. A mothers instinct is more powerful then ANY scientific test. However this is also my fifth pregnancy. good luck!

That's funny! I am possibley pregnant with my 4th and I received 3 negative tests and yet my heart and instinct and body tell me I am. I have an appt but not until May 1st and I refuse to take another home test when I just have a feeling I am. We'll see what God has in store or in the oven! God bless you.

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Q: Can you feel in your body that you are pregnant like by instinct?
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