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Yes. Just click the like button and the exit the likes

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Q: Can you delete likes on ifunny?
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How do you delete a like on iFunny?

Just click the like button again

How man likes does it take to get features on ifunny?

i actually have no idea but i was looking at the featured an it only had about 70 likes so i think the iFunny team just select them. Hope i helped :D

How many likes does an ifunny comic need to be featured?

Like 3 or so

How many likes does it take to get featured on ifunny?

There is not an exact number they just pick ones that have the highest and ones that make it make it

How many iFunny users are there?

There are more than one billion iFunny users. Most Smartphone users are iFunny users.

How do you make an ifunny acount without facebook?

You can't. iFunny requires a facebook login in no other means is available at the current version of iFunny.

How do you delete 'likes' off of Facebook?


How do you get to ifunny collective?

To get to ifunny collective you need to go on a ipod, ipad or any apple device also, you need to have the app of ifunny to go on collective not just safari. If you go on safari you only get featured and popular.

How do you make an ifunny account?

To make an iFunny account you need to either sign up or login using your Facebook account.

How do you put pictures in ifunny?


How do you post pictures on ifunny?

You do it with a stamp

Who created ifunny?

Billy clarck