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Not if it's a regular duracell non rechargeable battery

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Q: Can you charge your phone with a Duracell Battery?
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What battery runs out faster energizer or duracell?


How do you charge your zte score with the charge part broken?

You can charge your ZTE Score with the charge part broken by removing the battery from the phone. Place the battery into a working phone and charge it from that phone.

What is inside of a Duracell battery?

there is alkaline in duracell and also zink

What if over charge a mobile phone battery?

F you over charge your phone battery It will die faster

What is a recharged?

A battery that can be refilled with the energy it has. If it is in a phone, when you charge your phone, you are recharging the battery in your phone.

Can a phone charge a computer?

no it cannot charge a computer. a phone battery does not have enough power to charge a computer. maybe it can it the phone battery has a bigger capacity than the computer (which is imposibble)

If your cell phone will not charge could this be the battery or the battery charger?

If your cell phone will not charge it could be the battery or the battery charger. You best way to find out is to try the battery charger on a similar phone and see if it charges the other one.

Where can I buy a triple AAA battery charger?

Duracell Rechargeable StayCharged AAA Batteries, 4-Count by Duracell I bought some Duracell rechargeable AAA NiMH Batteries and I would not buy them again because the charge does not It's four triple-A batteries as advertised.

What does duracell do?

Duracell batteries are a brand of battery made by Duracell Inc. which is an American manufacturing company owned by Berkshire Hathaway.

Which type of battery is best?


How long do AA duracell battery vs rayovacbatteryand vs energizer?

Duracell FTW

How long does a duracell battery last non stop?

it take an duracell battery in a flashlight non-stop lasts exactly 15 hours