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Yes there are some newer spring air rifles that are capable of being switched to Nitro Piston Gas systems. Check with the manufacture.

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Q: Can you change spring to gas in air rifles?
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Change spring to air gas in pellet rifles?

Cost prohibitive

Air venturi gas ram a spring or gas mechanism?

It is not a spring at all, it is a replacement for a spring. When installed your spring will be removed from the gun and be replaced with a Gas Shock. The firing cycle, sound, and feel is much more solid. Im a huge advocate of gas rams over springs and feel it should be thestandard for all new age air rifles. Springs are old technology. My 2.

Is a charged or spring air rifle more powerful?

It a depends on what you mean by "Charged" C02 is the least powerful. Usually less than Spring power. Pump is the next most powerful but is still less than most spring powered rifles. PCP (PreCharged Pneumatic) is the most powerful, it's way beyond spring power. PCP's are usually charged to 3000 PSI and capable to fire a 50 caliber pellet. Gas charged piston rifles are about the same as spring powered rifles

Do the Assault Rifles use any special gas or they just use air as a gas for firing?

Uses the gas from the burning propellant

Does an air soft gas gun need gas to fire?

Yes, because a gas gun dosent have a spring

Is a spring powered air rifle better than a gas rifle?


How does a pellet gun work?

All pellet guns use compressed air or gas. 1. Spring piston: Cocking the barrel of the rifle compresses the spring and piston inside the rifle or gun that is located in an air cylinder. When you pull the trigger it releases the spring and as the spring shoots forward, it pushes compressed air ahead if it that forces the pellet out the barrel. 2. Co2: A Co2 bottle it inserted into the gun or rifle, and it is full of compressed Co2. When you pull the trigger a burst of Co2 gas is released and the gas pushes the pellet out the barrel. This same idea is used for the larger PCP rifles only they use a much higher pressure bottle. 3. Pump: When you pump the forearm of the rifle it stores air in an air chamber. When you pull the trigger all the air is released behind the pellet forcing it out the barrel. BB guns work the same way.

What are air soft gun powered by?

A spring, an electric motor or by compressed gas.

What is the difference in battery or gas powered air soft guns?

In a gas there there is no spring, it is more like a real gun but with gas instead. In battery/electric there is a spring but It resets itself after every round unlike a spring pistol where you have to cock it every time.

Does the gas tank need to be removed on 1999 Tahoe for leaf spring change?

No it does not.

What is a gas airsoft gun?

An air-soft gun that is powered by CO2 or green or red gas instead of a spring or a battery.

Is there any spring powered mauser 98k airsoft rifles that don't fire with the bullet cartridges?

Yep- there are airsoft versions of the Mauser 98K, licensed by Mauser- gas and spring versions. Google search for Mauser 98 airsoft. Hobbytron has a spring version for $119.