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Yes, it is called Open Carry- although there are places you may not carry any firearm- schools, post offices, courthouse, etc.

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Q: Can you carry a loaded gun on hip in Kentucky?
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With a CCW permit: It's OK.This is where it gets goofy: Without a CCW permit: The firearm can't be "concealed" AND within easy access of the driver. It must be in a holster, case, scabbard, and must also be stored in a place not easily accessible to the driver. When I'm transporting mine to the range, I unload it, put it in its case, put the case in the trunk. If you want to drive around with a loaded firearm, best to get a CCW. That's the message I take from this.There's more you can research on this, but know this: Open carry is legal in AZ, so holstered on your hip in view while walking around is legal, but if you then get into a car and start driving with the weapon on your person, you're violating the law. How's that for clear?

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