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i'm not sure about that

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Q: Can you call a boy shawty?
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Can girls call boys shawty?

To me, no girls should not call boys shawty. But that is just my opinion. Some other may be different, and the word may be viewed differently.

Why do boys call female shawty?

The term "shawty" is slang used to refer to a girl or woman that a boy finds attractive. It is often used as a term of endearment or to show affection.

What does roc royal call his girlfriend?

he doesnt have a girlfriend but he would call her shawty

Is Flo-Rida wack?

No compared to Soulja Boy and Shawty Lo.

Is there a way of saying shawty to a boy?


What does shauty or shorty mean?

It's really spelled shawty and some people say it when they are refering to a girl or women Cuz they don't Call men Shawty.

What is a 'Shawty'?

Shawty means a girlfriend or attractive girl.

Why do artists call girls shawty in their songs?

It's urban slang for a "fine looking" woman.

If i girl likes you will she call you a name and not let it go?

i dont like pet names and imma guy.but i call my girlfriend my shawty. ;)

Is wiz khalifa in short bus shawty?

no only waka flocka gucci man soulja boy tellem

Why do rappers call girls 'shawty'?

This is not just rappers. This is part of the slang used in black urban areas, but some white people also say the word shawty. It began in the Atlanta Georgia area, southern slang for "shorty" pronounced "shawty" and is used when greeting a friend, like, "Whassup, shawty?" but has now evolved to include a girlfriend.

What is Justin biebers slang word?

Shawty or Swag.