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In general, Proactive is not sold at Walmart, as it can be expensive to sell your products in big chain Stores, like Walmart. It is usually sold in the shopping malls in the dispensers.

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Q: Can you buy proactive at walmart?
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Can you buy proactive cleanser at Walmart?

Proactive cleanser, a popular oilfree anti-acne cleanser is widely sought after. It is not available at Walmart. It is available at a number of drugstores and online stores, or you can shop for a similar inexpensive cleanser at Walmart.

Where can you buy proactive body wash?

You can go to walmart to get them in the make-up area or you could go to body shop

Where can you buy proactive in El Paso TX?

you can buy proactive at their kiosk at Cielo Vista Mall and at Sunland Park Mall.

To buy proactive?

no b/c proactive is not good at all it may bleach your skin and make your acne worse i do not recommend for you to buy it

Can you buy paracord in Walmart?

Can you buy paracord at walmart

Can you buy Proactive in stores?

online or by telephone you can buy proactive at the mall at kiosk stores. On the site they have a kiosk store locator near you.

Can you buy an e-book from Walmart?

Yes, you can buy an eBook from Walmart.

Can you just buy the proactive refining mask by itself?

Yes, has it

Where you can buy hot huez?

at Walmart

Where can you buy Sta Flo?


Can I buy Mp3 Accessories at WalMart?

Yes they do have some accessories you can buy at walmart. They may have a bigger selection at walmart online.

Does 'proactive' work on bad skin?

I'm 14, and I use proactive. It works for me really well, but that's just me. If you decide to get proactive, I would also get the "extra stuff" that you have to buy separate. The advanced blemish really works