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Sometimes. One LEGO store I went to had rare legos built and put in display cases for sale!

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Q: Can you buy hard to find or exclusive LEGO sets at a LEGO store?
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Where do you get LEGO city from?

You can get lego city from nearly every toy store it can't be hard to find trust me!

Where do you find Lego hard to find sets?

Where do they sell Ninjago?

They sell Lego Ninjago in many stores. For instance, they sell Ninjago at Target, Wal-Mart, and at the Lego Store. They aren't hard to find at all. Just check those stores. They are sold wherever LEGOs are sold.

Where do you buy the LEGO Community set?

This set is very hard to find as it is a Lego Education set. The only place I know of to buy this set, would be off the Lego website.

Where can one find pictures of a LEGO island?

Pictures of a LEGO island can be found anywhere on the internet that hosts images. LEGO islands are not that hard to come by over the internet. LEGO's are cheap building blocks for children.

Can you get aqua man on Lego batman 2?

yes you can! He is 70 gold bricks and costs 125 000 lego studs. Its a little hard to find him but he is in the game!

Can you buy old LEGO mindstoms?

Yes. They may be a little hard to find though. The best place to find old LEGO sets will be on online auction sites or marketplaces like Amazon or eBay.

Musical instrument shpaed Silly Bandz are hard to find Why?

They are NOT hard to find. Probably your store hasn't received them yet.

Did they make Lego die hard?


Where can you get Lego coupons?

There is a full page of Lego Coupons at our coupons site. Current deals include an offer for 30% off.

What channel is LEGO show?

What I Have Head Is They Can Be Found On Cartoon Network And Teletoon The Lego Shows That They Have On Are Ninjago And HeroFactory But They are Hard To Find Theres Is A Ninjago Show On Teletoon In A Few Day So Don't Miss It. If You Have A Question About Lego E-Mail Me At;

Where do I find stackable storage cubes?

You can find them at a Wal-Mart, Target or at a Walgreen's and some times you can find some at a dollar store. Some times you can find them at and hard wear store or even and office depot store.