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Its happened twice to me. Broke em clean in half! But it turned out to work to my advantage because now when I'm about to bust a nut my dick just yells bang and nothing comes out. So no more condoms and my dick sounds like a banshee!

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Q: Can you break your nuts
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What do crossbill use their beaks for?

To break open nuts

Can you compost nuts?

Yes, nuts can be composted if the composting process does not involve worms. Nuts may be added as brown, carbon-rich compostable materials either as the food or the shell and will break down (albeit slowly).

Is a snack a decomposer?

No, nuts are not decomposers. They are products of plants (producers), making them food.

How do you change the brake light bulb on a 2007 mondeo estate?

remove the break light by undoing to plastic nuts located on the back of break light, you must remove two covers to get at the nuts unscrew them and the unit will pull out. put new bulb in and put nuts back on tighten them back up making sure the unit is square and the job is done

What nutshells do you break with a nutcracker?

Nut shells that are usually broken with a nutcracker are walnuts, hickory nuts, and hazel nuts. Peanuts really do not need a nutcracker to get to the peanut inside because their shells are softer.

What is the most likely reason that a long beak could be and adaptation for a bird living in a temperate rain forest?

The bird would be better at attacking competitors. the bird could use the break to crack open nuts

What do the nuts on a cypress tree look like?

they are usually brownish in color and oval in shape . it is a little hard to break and are available i market.

How do you remove a radiator fan on a 1998 Chevrolet pickup?

take two wrenches and break lose all the nuts then tighten one back up to break losse last one same to put back together

How do you change a tire on a 1999 4 runner?

Like any other tire on any other vehicle. parking break on and in park. Break the lug nuts free. Then place the jack under the swing arm in front or under the drive shaft in the back. Raise it until it lifts tire off the ground and remove the lug nuts. Pull tire off and put new tire on. Tighten lug nuts hand tigh and then tighten with the wrench until all are snug. Lower the vehicle and remove the jack. Now re-tighten the lug nuts in a star pattern until tight.

Can nuts be decomposed?

Yes, nuts can be decomposed by microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi in nature. These microorganisms break down the organic matter in the nuts into simpler compounds, releasing nutrients back into the soil. This decomposition process is an important part of nutrient cycling in ecosystems.

You are nuts you are nuts you are nuts?

You are dumbest

What are physical features of the US?

nuts nuts big nuts gigantic nuts