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Having extra mucousy discharge is actually a sign of pregnancy.

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Q: Can you be producing what seems to be fertile mucus and still be pregnant?
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What does cervical mucus look like if pregnant?

It is a clear type substance that oozes. If anything seems wrong or anything is out of the ordinary then get that checked up on!

Is it normal to get mucus while you poop?

It seems - from my own experience! - that one may have occasional mucus in a stool. If in your case the mucus is more the rule than the exception, you might want to see your doctor and be checked out. Sometimes mucus can be an indicator of cancer.

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Well, I'm not sure I have an answer either but...I have had brown spotting before my period for a while now...and a day and a half of heavy bleed. I've been trying to conceive for about a year with one misscarriage about a year ago. Now, since then I've tried tracking my cycle by knowing when I ovulate....and I've noticed that if I count from my heavy bleed, I start to get the fertile mucus about 14-16 days after that...not if I count from my, it seems to me you wouldn't count the brownish spotting as your actual period. This is my own experience, but with everything I've studied over the last year, about ovulation and when you have fertile mucus...this would be my answer.ThanksAnswerThat was my experience as well AnswerAgreed, you shouldn't count it. Answerno you don't that spotting you had could be a sign of pregnancy or left over blood if you find out your pregnant you have to give that day you had spotting to your doctor so he knows how many weeks your pregnant ok

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