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No!!! That is a totally rediculous question

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Q: Can you be pregnant if your belly button hurts and when you turn on your side and it hurts to?
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Which side is your belly button on?

Your belly button is in your middle on the bottom side.

Pain below your belly button right above your private area and it even hurts in the right side of your butt?

Go to the doctor

Why cant doctors reverse a tubal when they go in through the belly button and is it possible for your body to heal and you get pregnant after a long time?

your question is very vague what do you mean by tubal do you mean tubectomy or tubal pregnancy for your information doctors go by the side of belly button and not through belly button. ur qn: is it possible for your body to heal and you get pregnant after a long time? ans: yes if the health is in good condition

Does it mean when your side hurts does that mean your pregnant?


What is a small knot on the right side of belly button?


What is the pain I am having on the right side of your belly button?

Visit your doctor.

Is the naval located on the anterior side of the body?

Yes, your belly (including its "button") are on the anterior side.

Where to touch a girl to get sex?

The right and left side of the neck or the belly button

You have pain on the right side of your belly button and your nipples have bumps on them and it looks as if the darkness around them are expanding can you be pregnant?

This is almost a good chance that you are pregnant. Call your doctor to get a blood test done to see if you are or not and then get on the phone right away and talk to a OBGYN and see him/her asap.

How do people know a gecko is pregnant?

You can tell if a female is pregnant by the pink blotches on her belly. There should be one on either side.

Which is better a Fake Belly button ring or a belly button piercing with a belly button ring?

clip-on fake belly button ring Seriously in this day and age of fake reality TV who likes posers? There are not a lot of piercing enthusiasts who like posers, if you want a piercing get a piercing but don't fake it. Rule of thumb if it's phony on the out side the inside can't be much better.

You found a little ball on the side of your belly button what can it be?

Who knows but from your description it could be anything, see your doctor.