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Not possible.

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Q: Can you be older than your dad?
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Is justin bieber's dad hot?

He's older than your dad.

Can your little sister taller than you when she's older?

Your little sister can be taller than you when she's older. If your sister takes after your dad and you take after your mother, you may be shorter than your sister as you get older.

How many babies are born to an older dad per year?

1 million dads have babies when there older than 52

Why is your sister older than you but she's short?

It has to do with her genes, and her growth spurt. I may be taller than my older brother and almost taller than my mom, but that's because my dad is tall.

How long did King Tutankhamuns dad live?

Its been estimated he was older than 25 and younger than 40.

Can I date a girl 3 years younger then me?

yes of course . my dad is 3years older than my mom

Who is older you or your dad?

Me. What do you think?

Is Tails Sally's dad?

No, Sally is much older than Tails and Sally's real father is Max Acorn.

Is Brenda Allman kin to Gregg Allman?

Yes...their fathers were brothers

Should you meet the guy you have been chatting with on the Internet if he is actually older than your dad?

My advice....NO! This man could have other things in mind other than JUST meeting you. He might have an idea of a sexual relationship or even be a rapist. And, since he is older than your dad, it makes it all the more dangerous. My advice is not to risk it for the sake of meeting an older man. stay on the safe side and be wise.

Who tuts older brother?

Your dad

How do you say my mum is older than my dad in spanish?

That would be "Mi madre es mayor que mi padre."