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Q: Can you be having signs of pregnancy even if it's too early to take a test?
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How soon after conception can you feel symptoms?

Early pregnancy symptoms can sometimes happen before a missed period and before a positive pregnancy test. Especially the 3, 4, 5, and 6 weeks pregnant signs. Early pregnancy symptoms and signs are usually related to the pregnancy hormone hCG or "Human Chorionic Gonadotropin" which is responsible for pregnancy signs. Even though hCG is usually not detectable in large number until after a missed menstrual period, there are many women who report having typical pregnancy symptoms even before they miss their period. There are early detection pregnancy tests available that can confirm pregnancy as early as 6 - 8 days after conception has occurred (well before a missed period).

Are lower back pain and cramping early signs of pregnancy?

i have been pregnant 3 times, and each time i had lower back pain even before my pregnancy had been confirmed.

Can dancing can abort early pregnancy?

No, exercise is even beneficial in pregnancy.

What does it mean when you have lower abdominal pain?

If you are female it may be period pain, early signs of pregnancy, and STI or even a fibroid. See a Gynaecologist if pain killers don't do.

You are 10 and and have been having cramps and period is late does that mean pregnancy?

im pretty sure that if you are only 10 you shouldn't even be having sex Your only 10, having a period at all is pretty early. There is a high likelihood that you are not regular in your periods and chances are that it is normal and not pregnancy.

Is it possible to start showing signs of pregnancy at 1 month and 2 weeks?

Yes. You can experience signs in as little as four weeks, starting with your missed period. Some even feel signs as early as three weeks which would happen after implantation of a fertilized egg.

If I have been constipated fatigued lightly cramping and having brown discharge Are these early signs of pregnancy even if I am on the pill?

I have been to the docotor recently to find out if I was pregnant. He told me that I was. What made me go to the doctor was that I was having cramps, being constipated, brown discharge and slight fatigue. Best thing to do is get checked pronto ! I hope this helped.

Is it normal to have dark blue veins in your breast in early pregnancy?

Yes. You will get even more of them as your pregnancy progresses.

Prenatal care for pregnancy?

Having a healthy pregnancy is one of the best ways to promote a healthy birth. Getting early and regular prenatal care improves the chances of a healthy pregnancy. This care can begin even before pregnancy with a preconception care visit to a health care provider.

Can you start having signs of pregnancy in the first three days?

No. The signs of pregnancy usually don't start until you are a month or so pregnant. When you are three days pregnant, you won't even know it. Maybe not in the first three days but you can have cramping within the first week and breast tenderness. I personally have never experienced morning sickness until at least after a month pregnant. I just found out i was pregnant and i have been having symptoms since about a week after i suspect i concieved so yes it is possible to start having signs very early in pregnancy. Amswer It is possible to have symptoms immediately. Specifically, in my case, incredibly sore breasts the day after conception. It seems that since they were always sore just before my period, they were more sensitive to the first hormonal changes of pregnancy.

Can you get signs of pregnancy before your period is due?

No, you can't get signs of pregnancy that early. In fact as it can take up to two weeks for implantation to occur it's unlikely you'd even be pregnant before the time you'd have been due to menstruate. The earliest sign of pregnancy is missed period, other symptoms don't tend to occur until around 6-8 weeks.

Is abdominal pain and stomach pain be signs of pregnancy?

No. It could be sign of infection or even PMS.

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