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Q: Can webkinz get pregnant online
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How do you get a Webkinz pregnant?

Webkinz can't get pregnant.

Can you buy webkinz online?

There are some online stores where you can buy webkinz pets. Just Google the word WEBKINZ.

Where do you get Webkinz codes?

anything with webkinz on them or online at stores

Can you trade a Webkinz online?


Webkinz Unused secret code?

You can get a unused webkinz code from a store or online. The Ganz Estore provides webkinz and webkinz accessories. Stores such as Toyrus or Hallmark also offer webkinz.

When can you buy the webkinz duck?

there's always webkinz for sale online.

What if you already paid for the webkinz then can they get marriade?

Webkinz cannot get married to another webkinz online no matter what, sorry!

Why can't we vote for what we want to do in webkinz world?

There already is a Webkinz world online. Questions TO Webkinz should be asked on the Webkinz website, not on WikiAnswers.

Is there a Webkinz?

yes there is a webkinz.A webkinz is a stuff animal that you can go on and play online with other peoples webkinz i have webkinz infact i have 6

Where can you find webkinz clothing?

You can get Webkinz clothing online. That's where I got mine!

Can you buy a retired Webkinz and play with it online?

yes you can if you go to the webkinz extravganza

What is your code for Webkinz?

It's a secret code that you use to put your Webkinz online