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Yes it can. You should see a doctor if you already haven't. Otherwise if you dont want a baby then you should know what to do already.

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Q: Can weak bladder be the first sign of pregnancy?
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What does it mean when your bladder is weak?

First obvious sign of someone having a weak bladder is always needing to visit the toilet, as people with a weak bladder cannot hold in their urine. Sometimes due to the weak bladder urine will leak through, without realizing. People with weak bladder have little control over their own bladder, therefore causes the leakage.

Is feeling awful and weak and no energy a sign of pregnancy?

Can be but it can also be a sign of many other things. it's not a sure sign of pregnancy so take the test.

What are the indication of pregnancy?

Feel sick in the morning. Stomach feels harder. Weak bladder. Crave things.

Your body then to feelin weak at times is this a sign of pregnancy?

Pregnancy is one of many reasons you might feel weak. If you're concerned about pregnancy take a pregnancy test. If you're concerned about general weakness, see your doctor.

Is feeling weak a sign of pregnancy?

If your body is lacking in iron, then you will feel week when you are pregnant.

Was is leaking urine in a 8 year old female?

It could be a sign of an infection (UTI / Urinary Tract Infection, yeast infection), or a sign of a bladder problem. If she has a "weak" bladder (meaning that she cannot control the passing of urine) there are exercises that can be done to help stregthern the muscles that control the bladder and urine.

Weak bladder control?

Weak bladder control in mice and rats can be due to an infection. It can also due to lack of muscle control.

What does weak positive pregnancy blood test mean?

weak pregnancy blood test mean the pregnancy is liable to abort

What are some weak bladder symptoms?

Check the extensive database of Many times, they will provide you with an accurate list of symptoms that could expose weak bladder symptoms.

If you have Weak bladder can you straighten it?

yes eat a lot of pomegranates

What causes an unhealthy coat and sudden weak bladder in a female dog?

Illness and worms can cause this. If she is an older dog,this can simply be a sign of aging. It sounds like you want to speak to a vet.

Is it safe doing inter course with high force during first weak of pregnancy?

Yes. The embryo is protected.