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If by "trust pills" you mean Birth Control pills, no they will not make you abort.

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Q: Can trust pills abort 2 weeks pregnancy?
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Can you take humphrey 11 pills at 7 weeks to abort a pregnancy?

Humphrey 11 does not abort anything. Idk why people think this.

Is there any pill to abort 1 month pregnancy?

There are pills to abort pregnancy after you have missed the period for 2 to 3 weeks. Any way consult your Gaenacologist for expert advice.

Can cortal can abort 3 weeks pregnancy?

No Aspirin can not make you abort.

Can a cortal medicine abort pregnancy within 8 weeks?

Cortal will not abort a pregnancy. This rumor is an urban myth.

Can do abort after 16 weeks of pregnancy?

Yes, before 24 weeks.

Will lime juice and honey abort 2 weeks pregnancy?

I doubt it.

Is their any medicine without any side effect that can stop pregnancy after five weeks?

There are pills you can take to "abort" the pregnancy, but heavy bleeding would be a 'side effect'. So if you're trying to terminate your pregnancy, there will ALWAYS be a side effect.

What is the maximum age of pregnancy to abort?

Before 24 weeks in the US. No country goes beyond 24 weeks.

How can you stp a pregnancy after 3 weeks?

You can not stop it using pills. You have to do abortion.

How do you abort a 3 weeks baby?

Normally they will want to wait until week 5-6 so they can see the pregnancy on ultrasound to make sure it works. Before 10 weeks you can abort with medicine or suction. See your doctor for that.

How can you get rid of or detect a pregnancy if you are four weeks along?

If you suspect a pregnancy, you should consult with your doctor ASAP. You can abort in all states until you are 12-15 weeks along and after that it's only available in a few but up to week 24. Most doctors will not attempt after 12 weeks (3months). If your doctor tests you and you ARE pregnant, you can then talk to him/her about your options, and the fact that you would like to abort your pregnancy. He/She can help you from there.

How can you abort an 17 days pregnancy and period is back?

By medicine or scraping of the uterus but it can take weeks until you get your period back.

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