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Q: Can tramadol an co codomol be taken together?
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Can you take co- codomol and gaviscon together?

can u take co-codomol and gaviscon together

Can you take co codomol with paracetamol?

can you take co-codamol and ramipril together

Can you take co-codomol and amlodipine together?

I know you can take the first 3 of those listed together. I'm afraid I don't know about the last 2.

Is Co-codomol ok for toothache?

yes it will help

Can you take co codomol with anti inflammatory?

No, it works as an analgesic.

Can i take co-codamol with trimethoprim?


Can you take co-codamols and pregabalin together?

Co_codamol and pregabalin be taken separate times

Can you take co codamol when taking warfarin?

No it think blood

Can you take diclofenac and co-codomol if you have kidney stones?

god yes you can once the pain starts take 2 50mg tablets then take one 7 hours later trust me ive just sorted mine out and its heaven

Can you take cocodromol and Ibuprofen?

I have been advised several times that both these drugs can be taken to help relieve pain. The thing to remember is not to take 2 like for like drugs because then you overdose. These drugs should be taken intermittently and not together.

What does the suffix co mean?

'Co' is a prefix, and it means 'with' or 'together'.

What does co mean in copilot?

"Co" is not a word because it cannot be used by itself. It is a prefix, something which attaches at the front of words to change their meaning. "Co" signifies "together". A copilot is a pilot who operates the plane together with the other pilot. Co-operate means to operate or work together. Coeval means born together. Coterminous means ending together. A co-educational campus was one where men and women studied and lived together.