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False positives are very rare, but they do occur. Three in a row, however, are statistically unlikely to the point of impossibility.

A pregnancy test detects the presence of the hormone hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) which begins being secreted by the placenta about a week after fertilization occurs. Most false positives are actually detecting a pregnancy that began to occur, but then for some reason stopped (such as, for example, a failure of the egg to remain attached to the uterus).

One of the benefits of the test is that it becomes MORE accurate the longer you wait; this is because once fertilization occurs, the amount of hCG being produced doubles every 48 hours or so. So the results of your later tests are even more reliable than your first (assuming you waited at least a few days in between).

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Q: Can three positive pregnancy tests all be false?
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How can one know she has false positive result in a three weeks pregnancy?

Go see your dr. They can run more accurate tests than a home pregnancy test.

You had three home pregnancy test and they came out positive are you pregnant?

yes if you have done the test correctly and havent read it over the time recommended you are.AnswerOf course your pregnant. you should be happy. it seems liek your in denial. ;(

If your three weeks pregnant will it show a positive test?

After 3 weeks it should be accurate, take another at 5 weeks to make sure. Or go to the doctor and get a urine test there super accurate!However, sometimes urine tests wont show a positive for certain people, even if you are actually positive. They all depend on how your body works, I'm sure. All people are different.

I peed in a clean disposable cup and got a negative and a positive test result from the same urine Am I pregnant?

Looks like you will have to go for the 'best of three' tests it is possible to get a false positive and a false negative if you are testing too early. Although many tests now say they can give you a result as early as a week after conception, that really is very very early! That, or buy a more reliable pregnancy testing kit like first response or clearblue. Hope you get the answer that you want!

Could you be pregnant after 3 home pregnancy tests were positive after reading results at 3 minutes?

yes if three came up that quick you are pregnant...congrats and God Bless...

Why would you have a false positive pregnancy test?

On rare occasions you can encounter a false positive due to improper testing, expired pregnancy tests, rare medical conditions such as certain types of cancer, evaporation lines or a chemical pregnancy.To ensure the best results: * Take the test in the morning, if possible, because your hCG (pregnancy hormone) levels are at it's highest * Don't drink a bunch of fluids before taking the test because it will dilute your urine and can affect the results * Take the test no more than 1-2 days before expected period. Although some test say that you can see results up to 5 days before your missed period, the percentage of accuracy is very low. * urinate for as long as possible on the foam-like strip * wait for the results! Here is a link to a website that will calculate the probability of your pregnancy:

I have had three positive urine pregnancy tests and a negative blood test which is corrct?

I had the same thing happen to me. I took several home pregnancy tests that came back positive. I went to the doctor they did a blood test and it came back as negative. They sent me to hospital to do a 48 hour hormone test and determined I was miscarraging the baby. You should ask your doctor if this is hapening to you. Hope this helps.

Can vaginal antifungal creams alter results of pregnancy tests?

There are several reasons why a woman may obtain a positive result on an a home pregnancy test when she is not actually pregnant.1. False positive pregnancy test due to improper testingImproper testing can lead to false positive results. When taking a home pregnancy test, it is very important to read the directions before testing. Your home pregnancy test instructions will specify when test results should be interpreted and when test results are no longer valid. Some tests will produce a faint positive test result if read after the instructed time. You should use a clock or a watch and record the time you perform the test and read results at the instructed time. Guessing how long it has been since performing the test can lead to false results. Three minutes can seem like twenty minutes and vice versa when you are anxiously waiting to find out if you are expecting.Another problem that commonly occurs when it come to testing is going back to "double check" your results. Disappointed with a negative result at the 3 minute (or 5 minute interval depending on the test), a woman may go back to look again to see if maybe she didn't see that positive the first time. Some women will go as far as digging that test out of the trash "just to be sure". This is probably one of the biggest causes of false positive results. Home pregnancy tests should always be read at the instructed time for accurate results.2. Evaporation line on a pregnancy testSome home pregnancy tests have been described by women as having an evaporation line. If you stare at and inspect a home pregnancy test closely, it is possible with some tests to see where the testing line is. When urine runs across the test strip it may briefly change colour as part of the testing process thereby helping the woman locate the test are even further. In order for the test to be positive it should change colour and have a coloured line at the determined testing time. With some tests, you will be able to see what can best be described as a watermark, much the same as you see on a US dollar bill when turned to the light. If there is no colour to it or you have to grossly manipulate it to the light in order to observe a line, it could be an evaporation line. Retesting in a few days or using a digital test is recommended.3. False positive pregnancy tests can be caused by certain medicationsCertain medications such as phenothiazine can interfere with test results. Women receiving hCG therapy to treat a luteal phase defect or other fertility problem should consult their doctor as to accuracy of home pregnancy tests and when testing should be performed. Occasionally urine can be contaminated with blood or gross amounts of protein leading to inaccurate results.4. Certain medical conditions can lead to false positive test resultsIf you receive a positive result from a home pregnancy test it is important to follow up with your doctor for medical care. Although it is not common, certain rare medical conditions can cause positive results on a home pregnancy test. Certain forms of cancer, such as choriocarcinoma (an extremely rare type of cancer usually found in the uterus) can cause an elevation in hCG levels as well as certain types of breast, ovarian or testicular cancer leading to a false positive result.5. Defective pregnancy testsExpired tests or faulty home pregnancy tests can also lead to false positive results. Always check the expiration date before testing to assure accurate results. Keep in mind, even with the highest quality control, an occasional defective test may occur.If you have tested positive and are unsure about the results of your home pregnancy test, consult your doctor.

If you have had three faintly positive pregnancy tests and your period is three days late are you pregnant?

You could be pregnant. Consider waiting another 4-5 days to see if your period comes. If it does not, see your doctor for a Urinary Pregnancy Test for verification. Your doctor will advise you with pre-natal care.

Can you be pregnant if a guy stuck his penis in you for a second and three weeks later took two pregnancy tests and both came back negative?

Pregnancy is highly unlikey, but home tests are never 100% reliable.

Can pregnancy symptons start 3 weeks after conception?

The pregnancy symptoms may or may not start by three weeks of conceptions. But the urine test of pregnancy is almost always positive by this time. You can repeat the same after three days, if negative. By that time it should be almost invariably positive.

Are at home pregnancy tests always correct?

Almost NOTHING is ALWAYS correct.Home pregnancy tests are around 85 % so use three from different manufacturers and you are approaching 99% if they all give the same result. If not then you will have to find out why.