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It depends on the model of the phone. Most modern phones have the capability to increase internal RAM by the addition of a tiny memory card. You would have to check the technical specifications of your particular handset to see if this is possible.

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Q: Can the ram of a phone be expanded?
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What is the expanded form of RAM?

Random Access Memory.

What is the expanded form of RAM and ROM?

RAM is random access memory and ROM is read-only memory.

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no you dont... its on your phone. it is not talking about storage memory, but ram... get a phone with more ram you cant upgrade your phones ram

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What is the function of RAM in a phone?

Random Access Memory stores the functions (applications) on your phone. It is the same as RAM in a PC and allows applications to be stored and run from memory. RAM can be over written, meaning that new applications can be loaded and use the space, once older applications are deleted or closed.

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