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can fluoxitine affect a pregnancy test result.

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Q: Can the medication fluoxetine affect pregnancy test result?
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Can the medication Effexor affect a pregnancy test result?

No, the medication Effexor cannot affect a pregnancy test result.. however.. if you get a positive pregnancy test result, you should talk to your doctor about the safety of Effexor during pregnancy ~pawsalmighty

Can amitriptyline affect a pregnancy test result?

No it can not.

When you are on medication can you get a positive pregnancy test?

When on medication, your pregnacy test may result in false information depending on what type of medication was taken.

Does Sertraline affect pregnancy tests or cycles?

Hello, Dertraline can not effect a pregnancy test result. Only medication containing HCG will effect a pregnancy test result. I am sorry but I do not know is this will effect your cycle. Please note this is advice only & is not meant to be used in place of a medical experts.

Will water on a pregnancy test affect the results?

No. only large amount of water will affect the result of pregnancy test.

Can a uti cause a negative pregnancy result?

UTIs do not affect the accuracy of pregnancy tests.

Can arthritis medication affect a pregnancy test result?

No But some of these can have a bad effect on the baby speak to a doctor if you are contemplating pregnancy as the drugs involved in arthritis control are both dangerous for the baby from the women's side and can also cause damage to the males sperm.

Can the birth control patch affect the accuracy of a pregnancy test?

No need to remove the patch, the patch does NOT affect the result of a pregnancy test. Good Luck ~pawsalmighty

Will being diabetic affect the result of a pregnancy test?

Not at all. In a urine test, being diabetic may show the presence of sugar or ketones, whilst pregnancy tests look for the presence of a hormone in the urine. Being diabetic does not therefore affect the result of pregnancy tests.

Does not taking a pregnancy test in the morning affect the outcome?

No it doesn't effect the outcome of the result.

Can medication for seizures cause a false negative result from a serum pregnancy test?

I remember reading on the instructions that only meds containing hcg hormone will affect the test. To be on the safe side I would still check with the doctor

How does gerd affect the reproductive system?

It has no direct affect on the reproductive system. However pregnancy can exacerbate the symptoms of reflux due to increased intra abdominal pressure as a result of pregnancy

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