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Yes, it most definitely can.

but it only uses bluetooth 2.0 so only similarly equipped devices may be able to communicate with via this option.

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Q: Can the Motorola wx295 bluetooth from phone to phone?
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How do you find information on the usage of the Motorola Bluetooth Q phone?

Have you tried the Motorola website?

On Motorola phone tools it cant detect your phone why?

Because the phone is bluetooth capable

What devices is the Motorola H500 bluetooth headset compatible with?

The Motorola H500 Bluetooth headset is compatible with any Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone. They must also support the use of headset and hands-free profiles.

If my Motorola att phone doesn't have blue tooth and i just want the melody of the songswhat do i do?

you can ask your provider to switch your phone that has bluetooth you can ask your provider to switch your phone that has bluetooth

Is a Motorola hs820 compatible with a huwani Android?

Assuming the Huwani phone has Bluetooth capability, it should be able to use any Bluetooth device.

Do you have to have a Motorola bluetooth for a Motorola razor phone or can you use a Samsung bluetooth?

A Sansung Bluetooth headset can be used, but will likely give instructions for a Samsung phone. To use the headset, # Follow the instructions for the headset to set it into pairing mode. # Then, on the RAZR go to Menu, Settings, Connections, Bluetooth, Handsfree, Look for Devices. The phone will then list all Bluetooth devices that it finds. # From the list select your headset. # Then enter the passkey given with the phone. After all this, test the headset by making a call.

Why will my Motorola HS850 LED light not stay lit?

Why will my Motorola bluetooth HS850 LED light not stay lit long enough to set up to my phone?

Does the Motorola i475 support bluetooth for hands-free driving?

Yes, the Motorola Clutch and i475 have blue tooth capabilities for hands free use of the phone. Most phones that are new do have this capability or you could buy a bluetooth adapter.

Password 0000 for Motorola h700 bluetooth is not working need help?

password 0000 for Motorola h700 bluetooth is not working

What accessories are available for the Motorola HS850?

The accessories that are available for the Motorola HS850 is the Black Bluetooth headset, the blue and white Bluetooth headset, the universal white Bluetooth headset, and the Bulk Bluetooth headset.

What is a v330 phone?

A v330 phone is a phone made by Motorola, under T-Mobile. It is a flip open phone, with serveral main features, such as built in camera, mp3 support, bluetooth, and speaker voice regnognition.

Why does my Motorola tracfone's bluetooth not work?

Make sure Bluetooth is turned on...