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It is unlikely though not impossible.

Avoid very heavy black work (tribal, Polynesian, Samoan, Marquesan) and maybe look to other types of Tattoo work.

It is very very rare that this may happen tattooing does not create what is known as a 'wet wound' (going beneath the layers of skin and creating a gash or slit in the skin which will ooze or bleed, scarification causes wet wounds for instance) and keloid is usually created by wet wounds.

If you are very prone to keloid scarring however I would do some serious research and ask other people with black skin to advise you.

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Q: Can tattoos cause keloid scarring
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How can one treat keloid scarring most effectively?

To treat keloid scarring you should use Kenalog. Kenalog is a drug that is injected into your tissue to shrink keloid scars. However you must first get approval from you doctor.

Cover up tattoos hurt more?

It all depends on how well you healed from the first time you were tattooed. Some people report it to be painful over keloid scarring- but that type of scarring is not often seen in healed tattoos. Most people don't notice any difference at all.

What is the medical term meaning scarring of the lungs?

pulmonary fibrosis

Is laser removal used for unwanted tattoos?

Yes laser removal is used for unwanted tattoos. It is pricey and can cause you to have permanent scarring.

What is a scar tissue starting with k?

Are you thinking of keloid scars - (thick scarring)?

How do you use kanolone?

For my keloid scarring treatments. It flattens over-raised scars, particularly keloids

What are these raised tattoos you see on pro athletes?

A tattoo is, by its very nature, a scar. The trick is to do as little damage to the skin as possible while applying the tattoo, so that the scar tissue that forms is minimal (sufficient to retain the pigment forever, yet not so significant as to cause a three-dimensional scar). When a tattooer "hammers" an area, it damages the skin sufficiently to cause 3D scarring. IT's a matter of training, knowledge of equipment, knowledge of skin, etc. There's also customers who habitually keloid (3D scarring- people of African descent tend to keloid, which is why some scarification practices of great beauty evolved in the African continent).

What is the best natural treatment for keloid scarring. I have read that there are quite a few herbal remedies do they actually work?


Do the disease keloid cause death?


How do you get keyloids?

You can develop a keloid scar (a scar that is harder and smoother, with raised tissue that is pink, red, or darker, than usual with normal scarring) from surgery, body piercing, or just scarring from accidental injury. A minor cut can result in keloid scarring, while the same type of cut on another part of the body, or happening at another time, might result in a normal scar. Some cultures encourage keloid growth on scars as decorative or symbolic skin adornment. Keloid growth can extend beyond the scar site. It is mostly collagen; keloids are not cancerous or pre-cancerous and are not contagious. Keloids can occasionally be itchy or painful.

What are the risks associated with cleft lip repair?

There may be excessive scarring and contraction of the lips. Two types of scars, hypertrophic or keloid, may develop.

Do most belly button piercings cause scarring after pregnancy?

A navel piercing will cause scarring no matter what. Whether you got pregnant or not.