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MOST definitely. There is even a psychological disorder in which your body will actually produce a false pregnancy -- ie. the hormone released in urine, the tender breasts, even the growing belly. If you stress about having symptoms of a pregnancy, odds are your brain will be alert for any and all symptoms that might confirm it. Therefore making you think you are pregnant.

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Q: Can stress cause pregnancy symptoms
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Can stress symptoms be mistaken for pregnancy symptoms?


Can you have symptoms of pregnancy while on NuvaRing?

Birth control medication does cause pregnancy symptoms. But yes you can have pregnancy symptoms and be pregnant.

What if your period is shorted by 2 days and have morning sickness symptoms but have had a lot of stress is it still pregnancy?

Could be pregnancy or stress. take a test

Can stress cause pregnancy contractions?


Can you have pregnancy-like symptoms and not be pregnant?

Yes, PMS sometimes gives women similar symptoms as pregnancy. SO does stress!!! Or wanting to be pg.

Can stress cause spotting in early pregnancy?


Does worrying about being pregnant cause pregnancy like symptoms even if you are not really pregnant?

The power of suggestion is very powerful. Many of the symptoms of pregnancy are also associated with stress and sleep deprivation. Basically, if you're looking for it, you will find it, regardless of if it is really there or not.

Can the depo shot cause pregnancy symptoms?

The Depo shot may cause pregnancy symptoms. These are generally involving a loss of period or reduced period, however a pregnancy test should be taken if pregnancy is suspected.

Would pregnancy cause TMJ?

stress during pregnancy can lead to tempromandibular disorder

Does weed cause emotional stress?

it causes symptoms with the brain

Besides pregnancy what can cause you to be 2 months late?


You are correct that?

You are correct that stress can cause disruptions in her cycle. The symptoms that you describe are the same as is seen in pregnancy, but they are also side effects of the morning after pill. I think your best course is to get a pregnancy test and put your mind at ease.

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